10 Companies That Provide Equipment

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Hey, you guys I am back with some juicy side hustles! In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you 10 companies that provide equipment for you to work from home in 2020. When you’re starting your journey of working from home,  sometimes money can be very limited.  It takes a lot out of you, especially if you are in a one-income household. Money can be very limited but you still want to find a way to make money from home. You want to be able to contribute to the household budget.  I’m going to be sharing with you some companies that I’ve researched that will provide at least a laptop or some other form of equipment that you may need. This will help you on your journey of working from home successfully.

Now, I know you are anxious to get to work and like I said I’ve been on this journey since 2009.  I have worked for several companies. Most of them were great especially when my kids were younger.  So, it all just depends on what season you are in with your life.  What is your actual lifestyle?

How often can you commit to working these types of jobs because a lot of them require you to work full-time?  You’re going to have a full-time schedule with some of these companies and some of them do also offer contract work. Now, that means, you’ll be a 1099 contractor.  So, if you have been wanting to find companies that provide equipment for you to work with them, keep reading.

10 Companies That Provide Equipment

To Work From Home

  • American Express: This company has been around for a long time.  They offer a landline phone plus high-speed Internet for free.  Most of these positions are customer service representatives.


  • Enterprise Holdings: and this is where they pretty much like you’re doing on-call service with a phone line and they provide winter service do you know some of the companies that when you go to rent a car this is the type of position you will be doing in some of their positions come with the void phone.


  • Amazon: We’ve all heard about Amazon!  I’m sure that you guys and your family shop with Amazon all the time. Just about everything can be found on the Amazon website. They provide equipment and a dedicated landline to help you with making your journey working from home a success.

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  • Hilton Hotel: They provide equipment including a free computer or laptop,  keyboard, and mouse. They require you to have high-speed Internet and a landline.


  • ABC Financials:  Now with this company, they provide all the equipment that you would need to get set up so that you can work efficiently at home. This company provides it all.


  • A place for moms: This company is a place where they hire senior care advisers to assist the seniors.  They provide you with a work laptop with Microsoft Office, Outlook and Access already downloaded for you.


  • Care.com: They help with things like finding caregivers. I know for sure a laptop is offered.


  • Kelly Services: Now you would love this company!  If you love being on the phone, you will fit right in. For their Tier 1 advisors, you can earn up to $13-$15 per hour.


  • Apple: Who doesn’t love Apple!  I know for myself,  I am an Apple girl! For some of the work from home advisor jobs,  they provide you a Mac computer. That right there is a plus for me,  in my book because I love Apple.


  • Sedgwick: This company works just like a third party for insurance companies they provide you with a lot of technical equipment including a computer.

Conclusion: That concludes my list of companies that I’ve researched that provide equipment for you to be successful at working from home. Also please keep in mind that when you are researching these companies make sure you check back often because a lot of these work from home positions to fill up really fast and you want to get a lead weight won the competition.

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