3 Ways To Keep The Momentum In Your Life

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3 Ways To The Momentum In Your LifeToday is the beginning of September! What have you accomplished this year so far?  Have you lost your momentum the goals that you set January 1st? Have you stayed on task with them? It is so easy for us to lose our zest and lose our excitement around our goals but I want to share with you today three simple tips that you could start to do today to keep your momentum whether its in your life or your business.  You need something that’s gonna help motivate you would propel you to the next season the next month.



Step One: revisit your goals that you set for yourself in 2017 and ask yourself why did you set this go for yourself. The next thing you want to ask yourself is is this goal reachable in the next 30 days.?

Step Two: Instead of working on your goals in the same location that you did on the January 1st, pick a new location.  You can go to the library to get some creative ideas; maybe you want to go to the beach and walk around the park but get a new location. Sometimes your old mentality can block our creative juices from flowing. So head on over to a new location.

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Step Three: Take action! Now is the time for you to go back and look at your goals… Have you been taking actions? The key to your goals becoming a reality is you have to take action. You have to implement those steps and things that you set out to do on the last of 2017. So now is the time for you to go back and revisit if you hadn’t started taking action on a particular goal. Start today right where you are.

I hope these tips will bless you and help you in someway to get you back on track with your goals that you set for yourself.  Remember to be patient and give yourself some grace and just get back on task. But do something different so that your creative juices will start to flow.

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