5 Ways To Keep Your Kiddos Occupied When Doing Work

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I want to share with you that we as moms, we have a ton of hats to wear and at times it can seem never ending. I can tell you from experience that it never seems to fail when I’m getting ready to get on the phone with a client or do some work in my business, my kids have so much to tell me or ask me. I can recall when they were younger, and I had just started my business, I had a particular interview on a mompreneur radio show and BOY oh boy oh boy, I was in my closet trying to do my interview, and I promise you, my little ones was tearing down the door trying to get in. Little fingers were under the door talking about: ” mommy can I come in, can I get a snack. Or how about screaming so loud that the callers heard them and said , now that’s a real mama. Actually, that is how I got the nickname: “Rockstar Mompreneur”. 

So today, I’m going to tell you first, don’t beat yourself up when your kids seem to take all of your time. Especially if they are three and under. Stop, trying to be miss perfect mom and keep the house all tidy and white without any spills because its not going to happen. You have to give yourself permission to go with the flow. Now that my kiddos are older now, it’s not so bad, but trust and believe, they still come in the office and still like to show up on my videos. I just welcome it and go with the flow. Besides, that’s what we mamas do. Enjoy those moments because you blink your eyes and they will be grown.

Here are some easy ways to handle interruptions from kids when you are trying to get some work done. So, grab a pen and notebook, and of course a glass of wine, and relax.

5 Things to do to keep kiddos occupied 

  1. For smaller kids, grab their favorite snacks and put their favorite tv show on. (pbskids, Barney, Dora the explorer) For older kids, have them do chores around the house, help out with social media posts, if they are computer savvy and you can have the older kids take the smaller ones out to the playground/park.
  2. Put their favorite games on the computer and let them play themselves away. Allow them supervised computer time. Please keep parental lock on your computers and tvs for safety reasons.
  3. If they are smaller, don’t schedule calls until they are napping. I know when my kiddos were in diapers and pull-ups, I always had late evening calls, while napping or when their dad came home so he could entertain them.

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4. Create a play area inside your office so it will make them feel like they are apart of your team. When my kiddos were younger especially my daughter, as I was designing a diaper cake, I would give her diapers to play with to make her seem like she was making one with me.

5. Get their favorite toys and sit them in their play pens and let them entertain themselves and their toys.

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