5 Ways Kids Can Make Money

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Hey moms, did you know that you have money secretly hiding in your homes? Well, let me tell you, it’s your kids. Your kids could be making money right this second. Your kids could be having a fortune right now. You never know what your kids can do if you don’t ask. I want to share five ways to make money with your kids.

5 Ways kids can make money

  1. Your kids can sell something that they love. For example, shirts, jewelry, clothes or books. I do it and I’m only ten years old and I know they can do it too. Just don’t force them to do it because they will eventually lose interest. So, remember just let it happen.
  2. Kids can help you in your business. You can pay them to do jobs in your business. I help my mom with her business and I get extra money.
  3. You can sell your clothes on eBay. If your clothes are still in good shape, you can resell it and make more money.
  4. You can bake cookies. People love sweets and so do I
  5. They can sell t-shirts. My brother and I started our first company on my mom’s birthday last year. It’s called I & SB apparel.

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Sarah Blakely


Sarah Blakely is the owner of I&SB Apparel and she is ten years old and an honor roll student. She loves drawing and arts and is currently writing her new book. Grab your t-shirt now!

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