5 Ways You Can Make Money Offering Your Services

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Are you frustrated with not making enough money in your service-based business? Does it seem like everybody else is making money online but you? Today, I want you to sit back and relax and be open to learning something new. I have been in business for almost ten years now and I know all too well about struggling to make money. I know, if you are like me, you desire to have freedom and spend more time with your family! Am I right? I have a few ways that have worked for me since becoming a mompreneur. I’m going to give you five ways that you can leverage your expertise and knowledge so you can in return get paid.

5 Ways to make money as a service-based mompreneur

  • Package your knowledge into infoproducts. What can you teach people how to do? What problem can you solve for your audience? You can deliver these in the form of videos, audios, pdf (ebooks) or etc. It’s time to get paid. You have spent tons of dollars coaching and learning or maybe you’ve been to college and received your degrees.
  • Offer your services on Fiverr. If you don’t know about this little gem, you have been missing out. You can open a free account with them as a seller. For example, if you are a graphic designer, editor, or anything like that, you can offer your services and start racking up the moola. Need help with getting started making money on Fiverr, I recommend this  ebook. Click here!
  • Offer consulting via your website. If you love showing people how to do what you do, then consulting will work out perfect for you. You can offer 30, 60, or 90 minutes sessions that will help your clients do a particular task. You can use a site like Acuity to schedule all your sessions and they even allow you to take payments and set up a questionnaire form as well. Try Acuity now!

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  • Make money blogging. Yep, there is money to be made and tons of it, but you first have to get your foundation down right. I have been blogging for years now and this was one of the very first ebook that I read by Ruth Soukup. It’s jammed packed and loaded with tons of great information and resources. Grab it here!
  • Affiliate marketing. Even if you don’t have products of your own to sell, you can still make money. See, long gone those days where you have to struggle as a mompreneur. You can sell other people’s products! If you are new to affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you take Michelle Broeder of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course. I took this course back in December of 2017 and even though I had been blogging for some time, I still learned a ton of great valuable tips and tricks to increase my revenue with my blog. The course is worth every bit of money. Grab it now!

(This post was originally written on May 21, 2018, but updated with new tips on April 7, 2019.)

I hope these few tips help you make extra money in your online business. What are some ways that you have made money as a service based entrepreneur? Leave me a comment below

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