7 Non-Phone Jobs For Busy Moms

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Are you tired of being on the phone at home? Are you always saying to yourself man I am stuck on this phone all day I can’t do anything?  If I get up to use the bathroom, I got a clock out.  I know exactly how you feel!  I’ve been doing work at home call center type jobs for several years now and I have gotten to that point where I would rather do something that does not require me to be on the phone. So if you feel like I feel, I know this post is going to really bless you.

As you all know by now,  I started my work from home journey back in 2009 and I can tell you right now that I have tried just about everything that you can think of to make money from home. So early on,  when my children were in diapers and pull up, I wanted to be home with them but I also wanted to make some money too. The easiest way for me to make some money at home on a consistent basis was always the customer service rep positions. So,  if you’ve ever worked in a call center then that’s basically the same thing. The only difference is you’re just doing it from your home.

With these types of jobs,  most of them,  you do have the option of full-time and then some of them do offer benefits and so today I want to share with you at least several companies or positions that you Can do from your home without having to be on a phone or have to worry about having an Internet hardwired meaning you have to have your ethernet cord that plugs into your computer or laptop in order for it to be hard-wired.  You can’t have a Wi-Fi connection with most of these jobs.  Some of these non-phone jobs, they even require landlines. But again,  I want to share with you other options that you can do to make a full-time income from home with jobs that don’t require you to be on the phone so if that is something that interests you make sure you keep reading.

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7 Non-phone jobs for busy moms

Virtual Assistant: Small business owners are always looking to outsource some of their administrative tasks. This will be a perfect non-phone job for you. It really all depends on what your skills are and what you are willing to do.

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Social Media Manager: Now this one, if you love social media, you can manage other small business owner’s social media platforms and all sorts of things. A little FYI, only offer services that you love to do.

Personal Stylist: You can do these types of tasks in your free time. If you love style then start offering your services.  You can find some remote jobs at

Chat/Email agents: These positions work like phone customer service reps except you are helping customers via email or chat. This works out perfectly for me because I’m exhausted from being on the phone. A few companies below that hire these types of positions:

  • Appens (Formerly known as LeapForce) The pay starts at $13/hour and its like a search engine type of company.
  • The Chat Shop: Now if you are really ready to leave the phone, being a live chat agent is definitely where you want to go. They are hiring now and the pay starts at $10 per hour. Now you will have to pass an assessment and have a phone interview for this position.

Transcriber: This one you will love if you are a very fast typer. You can always find transcribing jobs at sites like:

Freelance writer: If you have a love for words and you love typing, then becoming a freelance writer is going to make you so happy. Below are some companies that hire freelance writers:

  • Talent, Inc.:  They help job seekers improve their resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles. They are also known to help with networking and finding jobs for individuals looking for new work.
  • Study.com: This company hires a lot of contract-based teachers to teach. Again this will be perfect because it offers flexible schedules and a competitive salary.

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Internet Researcher: You can find these types of positions at some of my favorite sites: Flexjobs, Indeed and Upwork.  Here are a few companies that hire Internet researchers:

Please keep in mind when you’re thinking about jobs from home or anything like that,  please make sure you do extra research to make sure the companies that you decide to go with are a great fit for you. Read the reviews because you want to make sure it’s the best for you.  I highly recommend you use when looking for your work from home jobs besides the Mommy mavens is flex jobs.

I’ve been using them for years and have actually had three or four jobs from them so they are legitimate.  Their team is great and they work around the clock finding you legitimate jobs.  But still, it’s going to take some effort on your part to research to make sure it’s a good fit for you and just for signing up you can use my code FLEXJOBS and get 30% off your membership.  It’s well worth it!

Conclusion: I hope one of these non-phone job opportunities I presented to you today will work out for you and if you know someone else who is looking for the non-phone type of jobs, make sure you share this with your friends and family!  You never know who may be looking for the same thing that you are looking for.

QUESTION: What types of non-phone jobs have you done in the past? LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW:

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