7 Ways To Make Extra Income As An Introvert

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I know a lot of you are rather shy when it comes to ways to make extra income especially if you are rather a shy or to yourself type of gal. I can’t really say that I’m an introvert because I’m goofy and silly and I am very outgoing! I love making things happen and I love to laugh and I mean laugh a lot. You’re probably saying LaTersa, I would rather just be behind the scenes and not be so much in the public’s view.  Being all out in the forefront is not everybody’s cup of tea and I wanted to make sure I shed some light on the topic at hand. Also to let you mommies know that you are not alone and that you can make extra income from home as well.

Sit back and grab a notebook, pen, and glass of wine so you can soak up all this great knowledge.  I’m sure this article will have something for you so you can take the pressure off of yourself because you truly want to support your hubby with the finances. I think that’s what we as wives and moms want at the end of the day is to have balance and be able to support our hubbies and take care of our wellbeings and kiddos.

8 Ways To Make Money As An Introvert

  1. Transcriptionist.  What a transcriptionist does is convert live or pre-recorded videos/audios into written content. You can easily make money transcribing audios and videos. You can use a site called transcribe.me and I know they paid like $20/hour. There is an assessment you have to take before getting started, but it is doable. If you need more clarity about how to become a transcriptionist, check out the ebook below:

2. Chat support. With this type of job, you will be a chat agent and you will be at your computer answering customer’s questions may be like their bills or equipment. One company that hires chat agents is Talk2Rep. They have flexible hours and some of their companies that hire are AT&T, Rosetta Stone, Sears, & Lowes. Read more about them here!

3. Customer Service Representative. You will be doing call center work at home.  It is a great way to make some extra income. I started out doing this type of work to help supplement my income from my diaper cakes business when it was slow. I did this for about five years and I would still be doing it, but because my internet service here is so horrible, I wouldn’t stand a chance with call quality.  One thing you must know is with these types of job, you must get a VoIP headphone set that has noise control. I recommend this Plantronics phone set Some companies that I’ve worked from in the past is ACD Direct, Pleio, LiveOps and you can check their website out because they have flexible hours and I will warn you, you will NOT get rich but if you are looking for some extra money, this will help. To learn more about these companies, check out my 10 companies that are always hiring moms.

4. Graphic Designer. Now if you love creating and designing ebooks, book covers, banners and more. You can earn a lucrative amount of money by being a graphic designer. You can sell your services on sites like Fiverr.com, Odesk.com, your website, & social media. If you want to learn how to create beautiful images, grab my Banner Designs 101 Course here!

5. Online Boutique/Store. If you have clothes, digital products, or anything that you would love to sell, open up you an online store and start selling your goods and services. I started my online store when I sold my diaper cakes. You can open up a shop at Shopify

6. Affiliate Marketing. I have been doing this since my diaper cakes days but I just really got serious about it last year.  What affiliate marketing does is sell other people’s products for a percentage of the sell which is called your commission. If you really want to up your game with this, I took Michelle Schroeder’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course and I can tell you now, it’s loaded with valuable and practical content.

7. Proofreader. You can get paid to be a book editor If you have a thing for words and correct grammar, this will be a perfect job for you. You can sell your services on your website, Odesk, Fiverr, and social media.

Being an introvert does not have to be the end of the world and you can still make extra income at home while taking care of your family. Family is important to me and I highly believe that you should keep everything in perspective. Find a system that works for you and your household and rock it out.

QUESTION: How do you make money at home? Leave me a comment below

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