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  • How to check in with yourself 
  • How to tap into your own thoughts
  • Prompts to help you write down your accomplishments for the day
  • and so much more
"Hi LaTersa, my name is Julia and I discovered your videos on YouTube the other day and I just wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for making them! I’m 23 facing a lot of things that scare me about growing up…losing my first love,in turn feeling very alone, feeling stuck, unsure of god and where he fits in my life, fear of my past, unsure of myself and my future, being an only child with not much of a family to look up to, and feeling not good enough..basically Everything in life has caused me to spiral and go in and out of severe depression. I’ve been scared ? All I’ve wanted lately is a mama bear to guide me into adulthood someone to tell me that I am okay my past doesn’t make me a bad person and I will make it through and that I still have a bright future ahead of me. Unfortunately although I love my parents they haven’t been able to guide me in that way, the household is very negative and I’ve had to do a lot of learning about life on my own. Its been tiring trying to me strong with no guidance. Although I’ve been unsure of god I prayed to him the other day and I swear he brought me to your videos.You were that mama bear who made me feel so loved and hugged. Just in that one hour that I watched your videos You helped me more than any therapist that I have ever seen. Now I understand that I need to learn to love myself because god loves me and wants me to be abundant at any age and any season in my life…I still have a lot of growing and need to practice learning to love myself but I’m excited I now have someone to look up to. Hopefully one day I will be as confident as you and not so afraid of life. I just wanted to say thank you for not making me feel so alone and for truly opening my eyes and my heart. You are such a wonderful blessing! ?” ~~Julia Gates "
J. Gates

Who This Journal Is For?

  • Women who want to practice more self care
  • Moms who feel guilty about putting themselves first
  • Women over 40 who are overextended (whether that’s being a care taker for your aging parents, or just taking care of everybody else but themselves.
  • mompreneurs who spend more time in their business and not getting enough rest

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