Emergency Kit For School 2020: Middle School Girls

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Emergency Kit For School: Middle School Girls

The schools will be starting back very soon! I recall my days in middle school and dealing with hygiene and personal stuff was a bit much for me.  Being in middle school, this is the time when hormones are raging and they are really trying to learn who they are. Not to mention, peer pressure and all that stuff.

My goal is to eliminate as much stress and drama that I can for my daughter who will be a seventh-grader. I want her to be able to have positive experiences and just enjoy being at school. So, I have created an emergency kit for school for middle school girls to make their life a whole lot easier.

How To make an emergency survival kit for girls?

When I designed this kit for my daughter, I put her panties inside of a zip lock bag.  If she needs to change, she can store the old ones inside the zip lock bag. According to children MD, children start to sweat and have body odor during adolescent ages and especially with all the school activities that go on.

I rather have her prepared than to have to deal with any embarrassment. Kids can be mean when something like this happens, so I would rather her be prepared with everything she needs.


What Should be in your emergency survival kit?

An emergency survival kit for girls is something that will help her eliminate shame or guilt i

n case she starts her periods while being at school. It can also help when they need to refreshen up after P.E. or just when they feel they need a pick me up.

At school, kids are playing and all sorts of school activities and your body will sweat. Below is what’s included in an emergency survival kit:

You will gather up all your items and place them inside a cute bag…

What Should Be In a back to school emergency kit for lockers?

This bag should be kept in your locker and it can be filled with more items and possibly can be left at school. Also, this bag should be small enough to fit inside your daughter’s locker.

Back To School Hygiene Products, Every Girl Should Have Video

Emergency Kit For School Conclusion: I hope this helps all you amazing moms out there that have teen girls who will be headed back to school. School time is right around the corner and I hope that this can help eliminate some of the stresses that our girls tend to experience at school. Leave me a comment below and let me know if you created one for your daughters.

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