How To Enjoy Your Valentines Day When You’re Single

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Happy Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your special day is going super well and is off to a great start. I don’t want any of you sitting over there on your couch feeling sad because you don’t have anyone. Instead of you pouting and moping around feeling sorry for yourself, you  can change your perspective. Love is a 365 days a year event and it should be celebrated everyday. Do you know how many people didn’t live to see this Valentine’s Day? I want you to take today and count your blessings.

No matter if you are single or married, in every season of your life, there is something to be celebrated. But, if you are single, and you are struggling with feelings of loneliness and frustrations, I want to share with you my five easy and practical ways that you can enjoy your valentines day.

5 Ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day while you are single

  • Say I love you to yourself. Get comfortable saying to yourself what you would want your husband to say to you. We all want to know that we are loved.
  • Send yourself some flowers. You don’t have to break the bank to get some pretty roses or tulips. I always find good deals on this site.

    • Treat yourself to a beautiful dinner. When was the last time that you took yourself out for a nice dinner? If you have to scratch your head, that’s a clear indication that its way over due for you to treat yourself

  • Go out and do something nice for someone else. You never know what or how that will brighten up someone else’s day. When you give what you want the most away, somehow it seems to always come back to you.
  • Take your kiddos out and enjoy them. Show them how to love on themselves and enjoy a night out as a family.

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