How To Work From Home And Make Money In 2020

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How To Work From Home And Make Money

Times have really changed since when my parents were working. Back in the day, the term work from home sounded cliche.  Most moms would kill for a chance to spend more time with their babies and have more flexibility to do other things.

Working from home is a blessing within itself and today, I’m going to share with some of the best ways to work from home. With the digital world that we live in, more and more companies are offering options to work from home. My journey as a work from home mom started back in 2009, and I can tell you right now, it has been a heck of a journey.


I had to first, get in my head to understand what the heck was I going to be doing all day at home with two toddlers. I will be honest with you and say that it took me at least three months to figure out a schedule of how I was going to actually do it.


Between running up and downstairs behind my babies and cleaning up dirty dishes and spills, I wanted to pull all my hair out.  Hear me when I say, I know the struggles of working from home. If you been wondering how you can make money from home, then today’s post will clarify how to get started. Sit tight and keep reading.

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5 Ways To Make Money From Home


Become a freelancer

If you have some skills such as editing, designing websites, or proofreading; You can list your services on Facebook, Upwork, Fiverr, and on your website.


Figure out what your prices will be and start promoting your new services on your social media platforms. Please be patient with yourself because it takes time to build up your clientele list and to gain their trust.


I would also recommend you do some Pre-Bono work; meaning you give away your services for FREE, to a few people, just to get some testimonials. You know what they say, the money is in the testimonials/reviews.



Yes, I first started making money from home with my blog by selling Ad spaces on my blog. Now, keep in mind, I had been blogging for a couple of years. I had already gained a good amount of traffic to my site.


I started my blog as a way to vent about the real-life struggles of a new wife and mom. I soon attracted more moms going through the same thing and The Mommy mavens (formerly known as Moms Wearing Multiple Hats)  took off.

Want to learn how to start your blog? Grab my FREE course below:

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Sponsored Posts

You can get paid to write for certain companies or other bloggers. Some of the pay ranges from $25-$350 per blog post.


It all depends on how well you can write and whether or not it’s a good fit for the company. Most of the payout is through PayPal. Check out:


Customer Service Reps at home

With this one, you get to take calls at home. If you have ever worked at a call center, then you know exactly how this goes.  You will need a quiet place so that you won’t have any background noise.

I have worked for several companies throughout my work from home journey including:

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Thrift Flipping

If you are a huge thrifter like me, then you are going to really love this one:

You already go thrifting anyway, why not flip some of those great pieces that you found for a profit.

You can sell it in your Poshmark Store. 


Sell your services

If you love doing consultations and assisting people over the phone or zoom/skype, you can make great money.

You can start by selling your consultation packages via your website.

Maybe you like braiding hair, you can make a huge income by doing hair.


Video on How To Work From Home

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Set up a quiet area or room in your house:

If you have space, set up a spare bedroom or a closet.

Most of the jobs that require you to be on the phone is going to require that you have a quiet space where you can close the door.


Invest in great equipment:

Most of the things that you will definitely need is a comfortable chair. Boy those cheap pic nicks chairs will not work.


During my first year at home, I constantly complained about my back hurting. Then invest in a USB noise-free headset, laptop, and desk.


You will need this from the start. Trust me, working in your bed is not the most comfortable idea and it keeps you sleepy.


Choose a job that fits your lifestyle

If you already work a 9-5 job, getting another full-time job at home or one that will take up more of your time, will not work for you. Choose wisely.


Make sure you love doing that type of work

If you know you have smaller children, being on the phone won’t work for you.

You might need to look at non-phone jobs. Also, if you hate the tasks that you will be responsible for completing, you don’t’ even need to waste your time applying.


Be patient with yourself and your kids:

Working from home requires one to have a lot of patience and discipline.

You don’t have anyone there to tell you when to clock in and out or when to take your lunch breaks; that is all on you


Conclusion: These tips will come in handy when you decide to work from home. It is my prayer that these tips shared within this post will help guide you with being successful working from home. If you know of some other moms who want to work from home, would you do me a favor and share this with them.


Question: What have you done to make money from home? Leave me a comment below and make sure you Join the mommy maven’s group on FB!

How To Work From Home And Make Money


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