How To Write A SEO Friendly Blog Post

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How to write an SEO friendly blog post is one of the most asked questions I have received lately. When starting to write a great blog post, there are a few basics that you need to cover. With everything that’s going on in the world, there is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income coming in. If you are new to the blogging world, then I’m sure you have been wondering how to properly write a blog post?

As I look back over my blogging career, I can remember writing my very first blog post and let me just say that it probably wasn’t grammatically correct nor was it structured right. But, listen, if you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to start first. If you are struggling with getting your blog started with WordPress, pick up my new and updated blogging course.

I have compiled a list of everything that you will need to know about having success with starting your blog with WordPress and Siteground.

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How To Write An SEO Friendly Blog Post

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  • Write Your Title: When thinking about your titles of your blog posts, you want them to have keywords that people are searching for. Your title should have the main keyword that you want people to find your post. There are billions of blog posts being written every day and you want to make it easy for Google to find you.  Be specific when using keywords and it is highly recommended that you use long-tailed keywords
    • Here is an example: How to write an SEO friendly blog post in WordPress: you are telling your readers what the post is about. Go to google and search your topic and see what people are already searching for.

  • Make your URL pop: What I mean by this is you can change it to your liking for better search engine results. You want to make everything easy for Google to find your website.

Articles that will help you start your blog:


  • Adding social media images: You want to make your blog post stand out from the crowd. When creating your images, you want to make sure you create images for Pinterest and your featured images. The image of your blog post is the first thing that people will notice after they read your title.
    • To add your image, you will click on the tab that says: Add media. You can add pdfs, images, or videos within your blog post.  Also when creating your images, make sure you name them the title of your blog post. This will also help you to rank on Google.


  • Write your content so that it is readable: When writing your blog posts, break your paragraphs up into smaller paragraphs. You don’t want to have just one thick paragraph, you need to break it up because it’s better for your viewers to follow along.


  • Use keywords throughout your posts: It is recommended that you download the Yoast plugin because they want to see your keyword in the first sentence of your post and depending on how long your post is, in several other places as well.


  • Share other related blog posts: When writing your blog posts, its best to recommend more of your content because your goal is to keep them on your site longer. See, when I first started, I didn’t do this. Also, when linking to your other blog posts, make sure you click “open in new window” because Google likes when your visitors are on your site longer and it helps with how long people are actually on your site.


  • Share bullet points: If you are sharing tips on your post, make the bullet points to help your readers follow along.


  • Give a call to action: Make sure you are telling your readers what you want them to do next. For example, maybe you want to offer them your freebie or a course that you have. Also, always invite them to join you at your other social media sites.


  • Ask them to comment, like and share: If you don’t tell your readers what to do, then more than likely, they won’t do anything.

Conclusion: I hope this helps you to write your first blog post or to improve on your already written blog posts. I know that this was quite a bit within this post, but I really do want to see you succeed with your blog.

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