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You ready to share your story with the world? Learn my “10 Sure fire simple strategies” If you are wondering what it takes to get your book written and published, and sick and tired of trying to figure it out, then I invite you to “LaTersa’s Authors Class”.

Benefits of Becoming An Author

  • More Income

  • Speaking Engagements

  • More Status & Prestige

  • More Success

Are you ready to share your story with the world?

Dear Aspiring Author:

Here is my story, I published my first book in 2012. Looking back on it, I made tons of mistakes along the way. I couldn’t figure out how to format my book or get it to size for kindle. So I made a vow to myself that the next time I published a book, I would keep it really simple. I took my time to research and connect with other authors who have published several books and got feedback. Fast forward to a year later, I published my second book, which became a amazon best seller!  Here is a snap shot of my book:

Becoming a published author changed my life and mindset. It really made me proud when my second book: Momproneur became a best seller! I’m just tickled pink thinking about all the opportunities that came my way because of my books and my message. I’m so honored to share with you the same steps that I took to publish over five hard copies and too many to count e-books.

The world needs to hear your story! It’s time for you to get your story out to the masses & Write Your Book

  • Learn how to write and publish your book in 30 days or less

  • Find my secret source to creating a professional book / e-book cover all for $5

  • Learn how to self publish for pennies on the dollar

  • Learn how to market your book using social media

  • Learn how to copyright your book

  • Learn how to avoid the mistakes new authors tend to make

  • How to plan and launch your book signing

  • Learn how to publish your book on kindle

  • Learn how to become a best selling author

  • Learn how to sell your book in bulk before it launches


  • Learn how to get bulk orders even before your book launches (must schedule your one on one session to get this )

  • My 5 step Secret Sauce to becoming an amazon best seller Teleseminar audio (over 90 minutes) valued at $197

  • Learn my #1 Secret to getting your book published in less than 1 hour

  • Learn how to write and publish your ebook on kindle

  • 1 on 1 Complimentary Coaching Session so we can make sure you do your work and get things done

See what others have said about LaTersa’s Authors Class

“Before attending LaTersa Author Class, I experienced considerable amount of doubt, and confusion as to whether or not I would be able to write my own book and be the kind of author that people would be interested. She advised me that if I couldn’t write it then speak it, no one said I had to do it alone.  Since the class, ideas and thoughts have been coming freely and I’m more confident that I can write my book.” Ophelia Nixon


“Prior to the Teleseminar,I was unaware of the opportunities that were available to me to reach the success that I like for myself as an Author & Writer.Now that is a Total Misconception. Now,I discovered New Awareness of myself,different strategies and a Solid Marketing plan to implement in my daily living,business and career. LaTersa, Thank you so much for your getting me to reach my level of Destiny.You Rock!!!!… ” Bonetta Lynch, Author,Writer & Entreprenur”