5 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

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My journey as an entrepreneur started in 2009. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wanted to quit and throw in the towel. I made so many mistakes as a new entrepreneur. It had got so bad at one point that I had started doubting what God had placed on the inside of me.

I thought I was going to be working a 9-5 job forever and not be able to live my dreams. Thank God for second and third chances right? Along the way, I have made my share of mistakes and believe you me, I’m going to continue to fail my way to the top. One of my favorite quotes that I love to say is: “On your way up the success ladder, reach back and help someone else, so when I make it to the top, I won’t be alone” 

Being a mompreneur has taught me a lot of valuable lessons along the way, but I wouldn’t have all of them without my mistakes/failures. Today, I want to share with you a few of them and how you can avoid them:

5 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Not Gaining Clarity

See, I had this big old idea that I could sell to any and everybody. All I had on my agenda, early on, was to make money and make lots of it. Well, my little fantasy came crumbling down after my first year in business.

I didn’t make crap, but oh honey I was in the -$3,000 on my tax return. I was so selfish as to not hire a coach to help me gain clarity. I had this notion that why would I give my money to a coach when I’m not even making money.

One of the main reasons why you might not be making money in your business is because you don’t know who you are speaking to. I always say gain clarity and the money will follow.


Not Picking A Niche

At that time, I didn’t know what a niche was and really frankly, I didn’t care. Again, all I wanted to do was make money at home so I could be with my kiddos.

Childcare was killing us and I needed a way of escape. After a while, the word niche started chasing me and it became nerve-wracking. I knew I had to do something, otherwise, I was going to be doing the same thing the following year.

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Giving Away Everything For Free

 I felt like in order for me to build the know like and trust factor, I had to let them test it before they buy it right? Wrong, it’s a limit to how much you should give away and not give away the whole cow. I was giving away three-tier diaper cakes and it was killing my pockets.

I had made a name for myself by giving away free three-tier diaper cakes every month. It wasn’t until I started doing my taxes that year, that I realized I was giving out more than I was receiving.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you should give away free things of value so you can allow people to see you as an expert but just have a limit.

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Jack of All Trades

You are doing too much. Yes, this week, you’re a jewelry designer, the next week, you are a life coach. This is exactly why gaining clarity is so important when you first start out.

I am speaking from experience. When I first began my journey, my main focus was to just make money. I wanted to make enough to help with the monthly expenses.

When you don’t have clarity, you think everybody is your audience. This is so not true.


Looking For Free Stuff Everywhere

In my earlier days, I was a google and youtube queen! I would stay up late nights and research and research and research until some nights I would end up sleeping in my office at the desk.

I was so determined to find my answer. But guess what, it only led me to dead ends. No coach who has invested thousands of dollars, are going to give you a solution to your problem for free.

I finally said enough was enough and I hired my first coach for $97. That was the greatest investment that I made. Not only was she a business coach, but she was in the same industry as I. That was the icing on the cake.


I hope this article has been a blessing to you and that you are seriously taking a look at gaining clarity on who you are serving. Please share this with your family and friends because sharing is caring!

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