I created this page to compile a list of all the recommended services, products that I use to help me run a successful blog or ones that other mommy bloggers have used. I also share some of my favorite personal hygiene products to assist you with smelling good all day. Consider this my way of helping you find all your stuff in one central location.

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Siteground. I use this amazing hosting so that my site can run smoothly. I have never had a problem with them and they are fairly reasonable too. You can watch my How to start a blog with siteground tutorial here! You can get them as low as $3.95/month. Check out Siteground here! 

Wordfence. Every website needs to be protected from spam ware, viruses and etc. Download the plugin here

Acuity. You will need a way for your clients to schedule appointments with you. I highly recommend you check out Acuity. 

Grammarly. I promise you this little gem has made me feel like I’m grammatically correct and can spell my butt off. it checks your blog post and whatever you are writing online to make sure you have it written correctly. Get it now! Thank me later!

Godaddy. Most of the time you can purchase domain names for as low as $0.99… Grab yours now!

Google analytics. You want to know how your website is showing up in the search engines.

Convertkit. I must say that if you have a blog, you must have Convertkit. It’s an easier way for you to create a way to stay in contact with your clients and your audience. It’s one of the best email marketing solutions out there.

Canva Pro. If you have been struggling and wondering how I create all my images and banners, then you have got to get Canva for Business. This little site has saved me tons of money and I couldn’t be happier.

99 Designs. If you are looking for some designs for your website, logos, social media or blog header, then this is a very simple and easy way to go. Get 99 designs here!

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  1. Amazon Affiliate Associate Program
  2. Commission Junction
  3. Shopher Media
  4. Share-a-sale


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Comfortable Office Desk Chair

Noise Free USB Headset

Small Home Office Desk

Dell Dual Screen Computer Bundle

HP Laptop 


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$5 Meal Plan. This site allows you to order your $5 meal plan for only $5 per month. Not only do they send you the meal, but they also send you the grocery list of items you will need in order to cook your gourmet meal. I say it’s a win-win.


Hello Fresh. Now, we have been using them for a few years now! I love how easy their recipes are to follow and my kids enjoy cooking with them. We have our meals delivered to us weekly. Saves time and money and the food comes already cut and everything. Sign up with them today! You won’t regret it.



Ibotta. When you download their app, you can start earning cashback. Download the app on your phone. Anytime I’m traveling, I always search this site and they seem to always have great deals. But the best time to book a deal for check-in is on Saturdays. This site is similar to but you have to compare and see what’s the best deal that they have. This one I have found a lot of last-minute getaways.




1. Jason Rose Water Body wash ….. I am addicted to this body wash and how clean it makes me feel. If you love Rosey and flowery scents, you are going to love this. Grab yours now! 





2. Dove sensitive soap ….. If you are sensitive to your downstairs area, I highly recommend this soap. Dove to me, just have some really great soaps and they leave your skin feeling so soft. Grab yours now!





3. Dial Springwater soap ….. This is my go-to favorite and budget-friendly soap. I grew up with dial antibacterial soaps and it has never failed me yet. Grab yours now!





4. Irish Spring Body wash ….. This soap brings back so many childhood memories. My mama kept this soap in our house because for some reason, she always said it was on sale. (hint hint, now you see where I get shopping from deals from?) Grab yours now!





5. O’lay Ribbons Plus Body Wash…If you are looking for something to make your skin super baby soft without stripping your skin, then you will love this body wash. Grab yours now! 





6. Tea Tree Hut Body Scrub…I have been using this scrub for years now and I must say, it has not disappointed me yet. It leaves my skin baby soft and smooth. Grab yours now!





7. Tea Tree Hut Shaving Moisturizing Oil…If you want smooth baby soft skin, without the cuts and nips, then I highly recommend you try this.  Grab yours now!





8. Body Talc Free baby powder….Grab yours now!
9. VS Pure Seduction Mist….Grab yours now! 
10. VS COCONUT OIL…Grab yours now!
11. Summers Eve Feminine Spray …Grab yours now
12. Whole blends shampoo 🧴 ….Grab yours now
13. Whole blends conditioner … Grab yours now
14. Summers eve feminine wipes …Grab yours now
15. Dove cucumber refresher wipes …Grab yours now
16. Arm & Hammer toothpaste…Grab yours now