5 Ways To Keep Your Kiddos Occupied When Doing Work

I want to share with you that we as moms, we have a ton of hats to wear and at times it can seem never ending. I can tell you from experience that it never seems to fail when I’m getting ready to get on the phone with a client or do some work in my business, my kids have so much to tell me or ask me. I can recall when they were younger, and I had just started my business, I had a particular interview on a mompreneur radio show and BOY oh boy oh boy, I was in my closet trying to do my interview, and I promise you, my little ones was tearing down the door trying to get in. Little fingers were under the door talking about: ” mommy can I come in, can I get a snack. Or how about screaming so loud that the callers heard them and said , now that’s a real mama. Actually, that is how I got the nickname: “Rockstar Mompreneur”.  Continue reading “5 Ways To Keep Your Kiddos Occupied When Doing Work”

3 Ways To The Momentum In Your Life

3 Ways To Keep The Momentum In Your Life

3 Ways To The Momentum In Your LifeToday is the beginning of September! What have you accomplished this year so far?  Have you lost your momentum the goals that you set January 1st? Have you stayed on task with them? It is so easy for us to lose our zest and lose our excitement around our goals but I want to share with you today three simple tips that you could start to do today to keep your momentum whether its in your life or your business.  You need something that’s gonna help motivate you would propel you to the next season the next month.



Step One: revisit your goals that you set for yourself in 2017 and ask yourself why did you set this go for yourself. The next thing you want to ask yourself is is this goal reachable in the next 30 days.?

Step Two: Instead of working on your goals in the same location that you did on the January 1st, pick a new location.  You can go to the library to get some creative ideas; maybe you want to go to the beach and walk around the park but get a new location. Sometimes your old mentality can block our creative juices from flowing. So head on over to a new location.

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Step Three: Take action! Now is the time for you to go back and look at your goals… Have you been taking actions? The key to your goals becoming a reality is you have to take action. You have to implement those steps and things that you set out to do on the last of 2017. So now is the time for you to go back and revisit if you hadn’t started taking action on a particular goal. Start today right where you are.

I hope these tips will bless you and help you in someway to get you back on track with your goals that you set for yourself.  Remember to be patient and give yourself some grace and just get back on task. But do something different so that your creative juices will start to flow.

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5 Tips To Time Management

If you struggle with time management, perhaps it’s time to take a look at some tips. However, the truth is, there are no pre-set time management rules. What works for your friends, may not work for you, and that’s okay.  At the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey, managing my time and finding balance was a major problem for me.


 Below I have created some of my top exercises to do while you work on your time management skills:


  1. Close your door and turn off the phone. If you have an important task at hand, it’s important that you avoid unnecessary interruptions. Sitting alone can certainly help you to clear your head. Also, if you have Internet access, resist the urge to go online to social media platforms, like Twitter, MySpace, or Facebook.


  1. Have a place for common items. When you get home, place items like your keys and wallet in the same place. The next time you go out, there will be no question where they’re located and you won’t waste precious time looking for them.


  1. Change your behavior. If you’ve identified a certain behavior that’s counterproductive to your time management, take steps to correct this behavior.


* For example, if you always take a long lunch, make it a point to set a timer so you can return to your duties on time.


  1. Minimize and organize your documents. Even though a lot of information is digital these days, it doesn’t mean you should keep every email, file, or document on your desktop.


* Delete what’s unnecessary, organize files in folders, and only keep documents that you’re actively using at your fingertips.


  1. Estimate your time. Whether you’re doing a work assignment or something fun, plan in advance how long you think it will take. As long as you remain aware of the time, you won’t suddenly lose a few hours without realizing it.
  1. Less planning, more action. How often do you find yourself thinking about what you have yet to do? Merely thinking about the future won’t get you anywhere.


* Strive to live in the “now” and take action to complete your tasks.


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  1. Avoid procrastination. This is a difficult one for most people! When you keep putting something off that you need to accomplish, you tend to spend more time thinking about the fact that you have to do it when you could have already completed the task.


* Quit making excuses and work up the willpower to do the things you hate to do. Once you do it, you’ll strengthen your resolve and build momentum.


  1. Set goals. Setting goals is an important part of any plan. When you’re working, it’s far easier to track your progress and complete your task more efficiently if you have a specific goal to achieve.


  1. Reward yourself. Ensure you reward yourself for a job well done. A reward will motivate you to get through the tougher tasks and avoid procrastination.


* It’s important to have some fun in life!


  1. Take breaks. It’s important to be self-disciplined, but you don’t want to overdo it and burn out. Mental breaks will actually boost your productivity because your mind has a chance to reflect, rejuvenate, and repair itself subconsciously.


* Schedule frequent 10-minute breaks to clear your mind.

Final Advice

The most important thing to remember about time management is to find something that works for you personally. Start by paying attention to your habits and decisions so you can better identify when you feel tempted to waste time and procrastinate.  Just be sure to keep taking steps in the right direction and you’ll soon conquer the time wasters that have kept you from success for far too long!

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